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European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers (FIVI)

This national association was founded in Colorno on July 17, 2008 after pre-negotiation, especially conducted through representatives of independent winegrowers in South Tyrol, Aosta, Piedmont and Tuscany. FIVI seeks to collect the objectives from the members regionally, represent them nationally and put them forward at the European level. These objectives concern all requirements relating to the activity of self-marketing winegrowers: viticulture, cellaring, bottling and marketing.
Specific information can be found at their homepage: www.fivi.it

European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers (CEVI)

This European association was founded in Paris in December 2002, with the main impulse coming from the Independent Winegrowers of France (Vignerons Indépendants de France, VIF). The French association has already been able to take advantage of a strong and direct representation at the national level for decades. With the move to the European level, it was intended, above all, to have a say in legislation, which takes place primarily in Brussels. In this endeavour the association has already been successful. FIVI also joined CEVI officially in spring 2009, and as a result can now assist in representing national interests at the European level. See also www.cevi-eciw.eu