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Vineyard area:5 ha

“In the year 2011 we decided to develop the grapes at our own vineyard and make our own wine in-house. We are committed to our vineyards and usefully apply the knowledge of our ancestors, which is the basis of all our present development. The big challenge for us is to respect and preserve the unique character of each of our local vineyards in Eppan/Appiano. Our goal is to produce original and expressive wines that develop the uniqueness and diversity of our terroir. Our wines are also an expression of our lifestyle.”

Assortment wines

IGP · Vom Muschelkalk

IGP · In der Låmm

IGP · Fumè

IGP · Upupa weiß

IGP · Upupa Orange

IGP · Upupa Rosa

IGP · Upupa Rot

IGP · Blaburgunder

IGP · Abraham Art Pinot Blanc

IGP · Abraham Art Pinot Noir