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Max.20 persons
Vineyard area:1 ha

The historic Mairhof fruit farm and wine estate lies on the slopes of the Sonnenberg mountain in the middle of Parcines. Run by the Bernharts for over 90 years, the Mairhof is currently in the capable hands of Matthias and his family. Backed up by a multi-generational family tradition, wine has been pressed on this estate for many centuries. It was about 40 years ago that Matthias Bernhart started planting new vines – initially to satisfy his own needs, before it became his passion. The vineyard was later enlarged and a new wine cellar built.

Parcines provides ideal conditions for viticulture. The steep, sun-kissed slopes and its terroir at median elevations are unusual. The slopes on which the Mairhof vineyards are planted face south by southwest, at an elevation of between 600 – 650 m. The soils in this location favour exceptionally fruity wines with a crisp acidity, and white wines (in particular) benefit from their rich minerality.

The Mairhof wines are usually left to mature in stainless steel vats in the winery’s own cellar. Varietals include Riesling, as well as Grüner Veltliner, which is uncommon at these latitudes. Red grape varieties such as Vernatsch, Pinot Noir and Lagrein (vinified in rosè), all thrive at the Mairhof. The small-scale winery is growing slowly but steadily, much to the delight of a growing number of wine-lovers!

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