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Max.40 persons
Vineyard area:1.2 ha

Stronger together and in touch with nature: our hallmark of quality

The 700 year-old Pitzner winery, run by the brothers Markus and Thomas Puff, is situated at an altitude of 350m in Kardaun, at the entrance of the Eisacktal Valley in South Tyrol. As part of a new generation of wine-growers, we are proud to contribute to the long and illustrious history of the winery through our contemporary vision of winemaking. What characterises our eco-conscious approach of natural wine production is the concept of working together while remaining in touch with nature.

The Pitznerhof farm once served as the arsenal for the Karneid Castle, the German word "pitzner" referring to a gunsmith. Today the family vineyard stretches across three hectares of farmland, partly on steep slopes, cultivating Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and the autochthonous Vernatsch and Lagrein grape varietals. Thriving in the deep, sandy porphyry-rich soil, our robust yet refined white wines obtain a pleasant, refreshing bouquet. With their spicy fragrance, appealing fruitiness and zesty freshness, also the red wines are convincing.

As a family-owned winery, we endeavour to incorporate as many elements as possible of the local microclimate and conditions into the production process itself. Our painstaking approach to winemaking is crucial for the quality of our wines. With a strong sense of responsibility to the land, we strive to live and work in harmony with nature. This undoubtedly contributes to the distinctive quality of our wines and to their unmistakable character.

Assortment wines


DOP · Scharfegg

DOP · Finell

DOP · Foullard