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Possibility of tasting
Max.25 persons
Vineyard area:1 ha

Established in 1924, the Gruberhof wine estate is located in a magnificent setting near the old watercourse trail on the slopes of Mount Marlengo.The Gamper Family’s love for nature and passion for winemaking, fruit farming and viticulture, was handed down from one generation to the next. As the result, the farm grew and prospered over the decades.

The family vineyards are situated at an optimal altitude of between 300 – 470 m on the hills above Merano. After converting to organic farming in 1995 , the Gruberhof adopted the organic criteria of the “Bioland” Association. Since 2015, the Gamper family took measures to ensure that the entire winemaking process takes place on the estate: all the way from the vine to the glass.

The mineral and fruity Bronner and Mitterberg Rosé wines are fungus-resistant vines (PIWI), whereas the Vernatsch and Lagrein wines testify to a long winemaking tradition. The Gruberhof range also includes international varietals, such as the full bodied and powerful Merlot Cabernet cuvée.

Assortment wines

IGP · Bronner