Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility of tasting
Max.30 persons
Vineyard area:50 ha
Certified biodynamic

Manincor wines are naturally pure. The 400 year-old wine estate, carefully and prudently extended by the wine cellar built beneath the vines and hardly noticeable from above, epitomises today the tradition and aspirations of a superior wine culture. The prerequisites for producing these inimitable wines, which boast a strong character, are provided by the natural diversity of the sites and their soil composition. The vineyards are entirely cultivated according to bio-dynamic principles and the uncompromising determination of Michael Count Goëss-Enzenberg. who has dedicated himself to the production of healthy and delicious food products grown in a sustainable way with full respect for nature, is being realised at Manincor. 463 hectares of orchards, vineyards, woodland and meadows form a single entity and have been certified as meeting the EU standards for organic food and the Demeter bio-dynamic certification.

Assortment wines

DOP · Moscato Giallo

DOP · Kalterersee Keil

IGP · La Rose de Manincor

DOP · Réserve della Contessa

IGP · Réserve del Conte

DOP · Sophie

DOP · Tannenberg

DOP · Eichhorn

DOP · Mason

DOP · Rubatsch

IGP · Cassiano

DOP · Lieben Aich

DOP · Mason di Mason

IGP · Castel Campan

Wein · Le Petit