Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility of tasting
Max.10 persons
Vineyard area:3 ha

Steep terraces situated around the Bolzano-Basin provide the natural basis for Martin Gojers wine-series, which captures the essence of his vineyards with precision, energy and depth.
Cultivated biodynamically the vines root in layers of rhyolite, morainic granite and basalt deposits – geological formations which leave their sensorial imprints in the wines. Minimalism characterises the winemaking process: Martin relies on indigenous yeasts and ages the wines tranquilly in used wooden barrels and concrete. He renounces clarification and filtration and uses sulphite in microscopic amounts just before bottling. Courageous, wild but also sophisticated, his wines reveal the huge potential of their alpin-maritime terroir.

Assortment wines

Wein · "Caroline" - gemischter weißer Satz

Wein · "Tonsur" - gemischter weißer Satz

Wein · Vino Rosso leggero

IGP · Ca…..l (Vernatsch alte Reben)

IGP · Lagrein Laurenc

Wein · Fuori Serie MMXII