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The Nusserhof in the southeast of Bozen/Bolzano can be traced as a family estate since 1788. Porphyry and dolomite deposits from the river Eisack/Isarco as well as the location with a breeze provide ideal conditions for cultivating fruit and wine. The autochthon grape varieties Lagrein and Blatterle have always been cultivated here. The Nusserhof experienced difficult times during the 20th century. Josef Mayr-Nusser refused to take the oath on Adolf Hitler, which he paid with his own life. After the war the family struggled for years to keep the farm, scheduled to be demolished in course of town expansion. It was only in the mid-1980s that the farm was placed under cultural heritage management commemorating Josef Mayr-Nusser. Today the Nusserhof is a sustainably biologically managed vineyard estate typified by biodiversity, and also a green venue for art, music and science. Our assortment includes prestigious wines, among them the white wine "Blaterle", the rosé wine Lagrein Kretzer and the red wines Lagrein Riserva, "Tyroldego" and "Elda".

Assortment wines



Wein · Blaterle

Wein · Tyroldego

Wein · Elda

Wein · Gloria

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Closure FOR51-sughero-raccolta differenziata dedicata o rifiuti organici
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