Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility to eat
Possibility of tasting
Possibility to stay overnight
Max.10 persons
Vineyard area:0.6 ha

In 2001 the wine-growing estate Zirmerhof embarked on its own wine production. Our top-class grapes are grown in the unique location of the hills above Montan, at an altitude of 400 metres a.s.l. to the south of Bolzano. As skilled winemakers we produce high-quality wine from the sweet grapes of this terroir, the famous Gewürztraminer Pinus. We cultivate not only grapes, but also other types of fruit, including apples, plums, apricots, quinces and pears, as well as walnuts and pomegranates, used to produce high-quality marmalades and chutneys.

Assortment wines

DOP · Pinus