Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility of tasting
Max.15 persons
Vineyard area:7.2 ha

The ancient vineyard estate of Waldgries, dating from the 12th century and now the property of the Plattner family, is situated on a sunny hillside above Bozen/Bolzano in the classic wine-growing district of St. Magdalena. The favourable locations around Eppan Berg/Appiano Monte, Auer/Ora and St. Magdalena constitute excellent maturation conditions for grapes. Thus, Lagrein, Lagrein Riserva, Lagrein "Mirell", Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon "Laurenz" and a Passito of Muscat Rose are cultivated here on an area of 5.6 hectares. For many decades, the winegrowing family Plattner have been involved in viniculture, strictly observing the highest quality standards. Their knowledge of position and terroir, meticulous work at the vines and gentle processing in the cellar all help to form exceptionally complex wines. During all phases of the wine-making process, traditional and new methods merge in harmonic unity.

Assortment wines

DOP · Myra


DOP · Antheos



DOP · Mirell

DOP · Roblinus de Waldgries


DOP · Itos

DOP · Sàcalis