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Possibility of tasting
Max.32 persons
Vineyard area:2.7 ha

Köfelgut in Kastelbell/Castelbello is situated at 600 metres above sea level on the steep hillsides of the sun-drenched Sonnenberg. Property of the Pohl family since 1786, wine has been cultivated at the estate since 1970, where the white and red are refined in our own cellar. The dry inner alpine climate in Vinschgau/Val Venosta and the porous soil are ideal for the grape varieties Pinot Blanc, Gris and Noir as well as Gewürztraminer and Riesling. In good years, the grapes from the warmest site of the vineyard, the "Altfleck", are processed to a Cabernet Franc. Also, the favourable climate at Köfelgut makes it possible to achieve the best near-natural grape quality without using fertilisation. Since 1992, noble spirits have been produced in own own estate distillery, including apple, plum and pear brandies as well as the famous "Vinschger Marillenbrand", apricot brandy from Vinschgau.

Assortment wines

DOP · Altbau

DOP · Fleck

DOP · Kasten

DOP · Stadlreutl

DOP · Kasten

DOP · Fleck Fleck

DOP · Kasten

Wein · Vermoy Altfleck