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Vineyard area:1.5 ha

Old vines, free spirit. In 2005 I take over the parental vineyard in
“Kaltern/Caldaro”; Since 2007 I vinify my own wines, as “Garage vintner and
individualist” I am aspiring to demonstrate the uniqueness and variety of the region
around the lake Kalterer See. I follow the evolution of the grapes, supporting the
natural processes and focusing my work exclusively on quality. It is my goal to
harvest them at their best state or ripeness. It is a small business: I do much of the
work myself, starting with the attentive observation of the vegetation, and ending
with the meticulous manual hand-picking. Therefore, the quantity is limited to about
8000 bottles.
My vineyards are located in and around “Kaltern/Caldaro”. The “Riegel Pulvernoa”
(around 300m. a.s.l.) is planted with 80 to 100 year-old vine grape varieties of “Großand
Mittervernatsch” and part of it is planted with Cabernet Franc and Tannat. On the
“Riegel Barleit” (around 400m. a.s.l.) I am cultivating exclusively “Weissburgunder”
(pinot Blanc). The third site (around 420m. a.s.l.) lies in the district of
“Oberplanitzing” and since 2008 it is planted with “Riesling”.
A special peculiarity is my collaboration – “Viribus Unitis” – with my colleague Norbert
Kofler, from the vineyard Kiemberger in “Terlan/Terlano”. Together we already
developed a superb cuvee from Lagrein and Tannat, a real collector’s item, and a
delicate Rosè.

Assortment wines


DOP · Weisser Burgunder - Wir mussten Künstler sein


IGP · Generation K

Wein · Viribus Unitis (Projekt mit Norbert Kofler Weingut Kiemberger)